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Saturday, May 05, 2012


My favorite line from the film "Gladiator", starring Russell Crowe as the General Maximus, is when the Germanic Barbarians send the headless body of the unfortunate Roman emissary back on his horse to the Roman lines.
The Field Captain of Maximus notes the act, watches the Germanic Leader taunt and hurl the severed head back to the Roman lines, turns to Maximus and calmly says...
"People should know when they are conquered."
The Romans then proceed to decimate the enthusiastic but utterly disorganized Germanic army.
~ can swagger and boast all you want, but if simple facts and a solid organization are not in place, and you cut off the head of your enemy's negotiator, you will be annihilated.  You should know when you should step back.

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By the way, the taunting Germanic Leader was completely skewered with Roman spears and swords.
So all the swaggering and bravado ended up to be short lived and really counterproductive.     Maybe if he didn't cut off the emissary's head, he might not like his immediate surroundings, but things would have eventually worked out for him.
Instead he dug himself a hole which led to his utter demise.

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