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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Piscine Prognostication

It happens every year.  Some Hollywood types begging me to take the Nanepashemet Blog into some sort of tawdry reality show series.    And every year, I tell them to go to hell.  My story is not for sale.  At least not for sale cheaply.   And I'm definitely not doing it now that fishing season is around the corner. 
We've got all of our fishing tackle organized as hell, and have big plans to tune up all of the loose ends on the WhaleEye.
Got a call this morning from another of my legal buddies telling me of his fishing success down on the Cape this weekend. The piscine aficionado landed some blues and schoolie stripers, and was right at the verge of his enthusiasm transforming into bravado. Not that I can blame him. If I caught Blues and Stripers this early in the season, I'd be bragging my ass off.
Tomorrow, I'm thinking of taking the CEO of a promising wireless startup in the public safety networks sector to lunch at the Boston Yacht Club. I thought I might impress him with the ambiance of Marblehead Harbor, but it appears that he lives on the Monterrey Peninsula in California, which is probably the most spectacular ocean venue that I've yet seen.
So I'll have to find another way to impress him. Maybe with fishing stories  Or Maybe he will invest in the Nanepashemet Reality Series..
Anyway.... I predict the best fishing season ever this year. Tuna, Stipers, Blues and Lobster. Not necessarily in that order.

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