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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Lily White Warren

I said I was done with Warren posts... but I'm not.  I admit that even a Mountain of a Man has his weaknesses and this "claiming she is a Native American" continues to taunt me.
So I pick up the Salem News on a Sat. morning and see that our candidate has visited Salem State University yesterday on the campaign stump.  Naturally, one of the first questions was if she is a Native American, to which she replied," I am proud of my family and proud of my heritage, and would rather speak of something else."
Translation.... "No Comment, so change the freaking subject."
This is what bugs the hell out of me with this issue.
Affirmative Action was created to redress the evils placed on minorities in the past, and bring about economic equality.  I happen to support it, even though it is patently unfair at times.
But if there is no way that you can be discerned as a minority, as is the case with our Indian Princess but otherwise Lily White Warren, then is it unethical to proclaim that you are one in order to gain Affirmative Action status?
Should you qualify for benefits as a minority if nobody can tell you are a minority?  How can you be discriminated against if nobody knows you are a minority unless you tell them?
Warren is a law professor.... but she should audit a Freshman Ethics class.  Even at Harvard.
Maybe my sense of morality is warped, but I definitely think this is grossly unethical.

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