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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Liberal Advice from Hollywood

Hollywood Liberals like Matt Damon, Susan Sarandon, and George Clooney are so far removed from the real world and the struggles that we all must go through.
Government policies frequently kick the shit out of us Goobers just trying to run a small business in the country, or to hang on to a corporate job,  or to make ends meet while we get continually harpooned by taxes, fees and regulations.  

These policies don't effect these out-of-touch Moonbats in the least.  How could they?  Doesn't matter which elected officials are ruining the economy or spending our tax dollars.   These people are uneffected .... whatsoever.
So they can flip out their stupid political comments to show that they don't know shit about what's going on.... out here.... in their audience.
It can't be all their fault.   If I made $100 million per movie for my ability to act like someone I'm not, I'm sure I would be a little out there in my opinions as well.  (in the Lizzie Warren spirit of avoiding plagiarism, that comment was made to me by my wicked smart son, Mike.)
But don't tell us who to vote for.... because you have no freaking idea what is really going on.
Shut up and act.  We need you to help us forget, not let us hear how completely out of touch you are.

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