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Thursday, May 31, 2012

GrownUps 2 in Marblehead

Adam Sandler's company, Billy Madison Productions is in Marblehead these summer days shooting GrownUps 2, which is the sequel to the Classic, GrownUps... a 2010 movie that I forget exactly what it was about.
Many of you Peeps have posed the reasonable yet irritating question...."Have they asked the Mountain of a Man to take a small role in the production... as an extra or  bit player or something.???
No, they haven't.
So I can't really vouch for the ultimate quality of this film.
Nevertheless, I'm pretty excited to potentially catch a glimpse of my favorite comedian, Chris Rock, who has been seen locally and has a speaking part.
And it will be cool to see scenes from Marblehead.   That last film about Marblehead concerned the cemetery that is down the street from my house, and the scenes were nothing close to the real thing.
 Crew and Extras Parking is around the corner from my house.  I'd even be willing to let them use the Columbia Herreshoff Tender if they had a rowing scene.

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