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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Conservative Metamorphosis

My friend, the other Mountain of a Man, Bobby Brown, came up with an interesting insight yesterday morning.
For all we bitch about government waste and bureaucratic ineptitude.... you know what government agency is freaking the most efficient?????
You are correct, Kemosabe.  It is the IRS.  The Internal Revenue Service can slice and dice you with ruthless efficiency.... as good as anything that the private sector can dish out.
Plus you are guilty until proven innocent with the IRS.  They levy first, strip you clean,  then ask questions later.
BTW... Bobby Boy... Last time I checked, you were a Bill Clinton supporting Dem.  How are you leaning now after the IRS roughed you up a bit????
Not that a Mountain of a Man like Bob couldn't take a little loving from the Taxman.  But as the saying goes.... a Conservative is a Liberal who has just been mugged.

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