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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Open Minds

So I'm driving back from New Haven, licking my wounds from the neighborhood meeting where I try to explain to the nice folks why a 125' tower would be ok near their homes....
Normally I take much more abuse at these affairs than was dished out last night.
And it goes without saying that a Mountain of a Man has thick enough skin to endure the wrath of the oppressed multitudes.
But even I can get a little down in the dumps, a couple of hours into a three and a half hour drive home.
Luckily, the Sox game against Texas was on the Connecticut affiliate of WEEI and I was able to catch the last half.
Course... Boston lost 18 to 3.   I believe that this was my fault.  I never should have listened to the game in my mental condition and obviously caused the horrendous loss with my negative mojo.
Youkilis struck out four times.... but that was Bobby Valentine's doing for daring to say that he didn't look right the other day.  A BoSox Manager should never speak about what he actually sees to the open minded Red Sox Nation.

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