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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A Coakley Croaker

So AG Martha Coakley is going after Tim Cahill, saying that the former Treasurer enriched his chances in the Governor's race by the improper publishing of Lottery Ads, that he administered during the last Massachusetts Gubernatorial campaign.
Er... Martha.  How do you figure that the pretentious Cahill enriched himself?
Didn't he lose the freaking election?    A poor job of enrichment I would say.  Aren't you supposed to gain some riches if you're enriched?
And aren't you, Martha, possibly gaining a whole lot of publicity by this frivolous lawsuit?  Seems to me that the power and resources of your department could be much better used in the public good other than this shameless crusade to gain camera exposure.
It would be nice to get a strong AG candidate to run against the disingenuous Coakley, who, BTW, has apparently disclosed that she would be seeking the office again.    She really has got to go.
I'm no fan of Cahill....  But the foolishness of Coakley continues to make me appreciate Scott Brown a whole lot more these days.

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