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Monday, February 06, 2012

Patriots Aftermath

It was a terrible night last night.
After the Patriots loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl, I donned my sleep apnea mask, fired up the CPAP machine, and settled in for what I thought would be a nice winter's sleep.
The Super Bowl was an enjoyable game except for how it ended, with Harvey Rowe, TommyO and Linda dropping by.  Beers, chicken wings and chili were the center of the game cuisine.   I didn't pound down too many beers and felt fine when I retired for the evening.
But a couple of hours later, I could have sworn I heard someone rummaging down stairs, so I leaped out of bed to do battle armed only in my tighty whities.  After thrashing around, I figured that the noise was a combination of  the ice maker and the furnace, so I resumed the effort to sleep.
All that adrenaline apparently revved up my digestive system, and I had three quick and consecutive bathroom toilet  sessions.   By 4:00 AM, the sleep  effort was useless and I headed to the couch to see some back  episodes of "Homeland".
I dawns on me though... and I have been thinking of this for some time now.... that if nothing else, it is incredible how our bodies take all types of organic concoctions though our mouths, and hours later, manufacture it all as piss and shit.   No matter what goes in, our body turns it into shit.
We are shit producing machines.   Have a piece of cake?  You turn it into shit.   Have an apple?  You manufacture it into shit.   Have chicken wings, beer, and chili?  You turn it into a lot of shit, and basically screw up a night's sleep in the process.
Just an observation.... I probably won't bring it up again.

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