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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nod Notions

It's still not time to guide you with the Nanepashemet Nod for the Presidential Candidates.
Even so... I've been thinking of it.... and it will not be without provocative challenges.
Right now, nobody stands head and shoulders over the crowd for the NN.

Newt... can't see handing someone the chief executive job who doesn't have the organizational ability to get on the ballot in his home state of Virginia.

Ron Paul... too old, and too out there.  I hate to bring up the age thing, but when you get older, things get harder.... and I'm not just talking about sexual performance and memory loss.... there is a whole lot of other stuff. (Trust me... I know.)

Santorum... Lost his last run for election as the US Senate incumbent from PA by 19 points.  What the hell was that all about????

Mitt.... Undoubtedly the most accomplished and able of the bunch... the Utah Olympics performance was awesome.   But Romney has a problem relating and I feel like most people feel that voting against him is like "sticking it to the man."   Plus, I don't trust guys who dye their hair.

BO.... Best guy on the planet in front of a teleprompter... but it's amateur hour everywhere else.  I truly wish this guy had an ounce of ability, but the country needs a more competent leader.
So there it is.  A quandary if there ever was one.  But let's face it.... you have to be pretty weird to run for the job in the first place... a sort of ego maniacal narcissist who welcomes a daily dose of character assassination.
I'll eventually figure this out.

That Santaria feller couldn't get layed in a monkey hoor house with a bunch o' bananas. Ixnay fer him.

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  1. Tuna Lips7:26 PM

    That Santaria feller couldn't get layed in a monkey hoor house with a bunch o' bananas. Ixnay fer him.


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