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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


After our workout, Joanne and I had a great breakfast in downtown Rockland, Maine.
Two fried eggs over easy, sausage patties, biscuits, corned beef flannel hash, tomato juice and coffee.    I put a little ketchup on the hash and opted against the hot sauce on the eggs, although I really considered it.
After we left, we did the tourist thing and browsed the stores up and down Main Street..... a really pretty place.  But I started to feel distressed, and after an hour bolted for the truck and deadheaded back to the hotel.
The fever was building, I was starting to feel nauseous but I was really glad that I passed on the Hot Sauce.  Let's just say that would have caused a decent amount of pain... the kind that Johnny Cash sang about in his all time hit..."Ring of Fire".

To those of you who think I had Joanne to help me out.... No Freaking Way, Kemosabe Breath.   She bolted for some really important shopping at a TJ Max or Walmart or somewhere.   Real high priority stuff.  Didn't see her for the balance of the day.

So I here I am,  stuck up here in Mid-Coast Maine, fairly incapacitated , with only this pathetic Blog and you Peeps to keep me company.

Scratch that.... I'm all alone.... all freaking alone.
This isn't over.

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