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Sunday, January 29, 2012

FreshAyer Adieu

We brought the grandkids out for their last visit with Ryan at FreshAyer this morning.
I won't miss it.
It has been a depressing task, but Ryan never let us down.   He never showed any self pity, never complained, always kept a sense of humor and a sense of discovery.  He always looked forward, grasped at every learning experience, and pressed for every advantage that his environment offered.
At the beginning of this ordeal, he told us not to worry, because he could handle it.
He could.... and helped us all to cope and handle it ourselves.
For our enemies, who wished this experience to be hurtful out of your despicable ill will.... you will be dissapointed.  In so many ways, the punishment that you so self righteously sought has been an incredible chance to regroup, re-align, and re-boot for Ryan, his Family, and his many supporters.   The toxic phonies have been exposed and are getting smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror.
If Living Well is the best revenge, then Ryan has already had incredible vengeance, and the best is yet to come.

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