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Friday, December 02, 2011

Christmas Shopping Salvation

OK Peeps.
In a magnanimous effort help you with your pathetic attempts at Christmas shopping.... I'm going to make it easy for you.... plus, these are the classiest gifts this side of the Pecos.

Tommy McMahon Commemorative Peep of the Year UniSex V Neck T - a steal at $21.90.
Official Nanepashemet Atty Jeremy Johnson Y front Wannabee Boxers - only $17.74.
Official Nanepashemet Tommy O Taking Out the Trash Bathrobe - unheard of price of $39.88.
Official Nanepashemet Mountain of a Man Couch Potato Pants - giving them away at $28.90.
Official Nanepashemet Tuna Lips Skull Cap  - underpriced at $18.90.

Just click on the links and order to your hearts content.
Since most of the guys at the Indonesian sweat shop that manufactures these fine garments are Muslims, there is no slowdown during the holiday season.  So production is kicking along like a MoFo.
There is a lot of other cool stuff in the store also.

John Forbes Kerry said...

Where can I gut me a Tuna lips Skullcap?

You would certainly stike a figure on your Rhode Island yacht with the TL logo stuck on your forehead, Senator.   Have your people contact me and I will cut a bulk deal for you, Heinzy, and the rest of your crew.

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  1. John Forbes Kerry9:38 PM

    Where can I gut me a Tuna lips Skullcap?


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