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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Birthday Bonus

It was my birthday yesterday... which I share with my grandson, Ethan, who was born on the same day of the year.  This guarantees that my family will always remember my birthday, because they are too scared to forget Ethan's.  If you saw the pic that I posted yesterday, you would know why.
Sometimes, being a Mountain of a Man means that you have to step back and quell  personal excitement for the sake of others.  So I was pretty low key about my day.  But Joanne and I did go down to our favorite Marblehead restaurant, Cafe Italia, with Dale and Gail Johnson and the Johnson's picked up the tab.
That took the sting out of the wait staff calling me "Big Guy".
I continue to harbor the theory that calling people "Big Guy" is a euphemism for "Fat Shit".   So Dale never misses the chance to tab the "BG" moniker on me.
Did I mention that he picked up the tab?  Let him have his fun.....

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