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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nanepashemet Peep of the Year for 2012.

So this is the time that you have so impatiently waited for all year.  Ever since Tommy O' Shea achieved the ultimate honor/disgrace.... the Nanepashemet Peep of the Year for 2011.... speculation has been rampant as to who will succeed him in 2012.
But first a word about Tommy O.
His reign was regal as his career soared at that foreign corporation that he works for, and he served as an anchor for his long suffering wife, Linda.  And it all capped off with the highly successful launch of the TommyO  Fashion Line  in the Nanepashemet Blogging Apparel Store.  Both the TommyO Tank Top and the   TommyO Taking Out the Trash Bathrobe were killer sales items that had the Indonesians working overtime and bitching constantly in their cheap labor production sweatshop.
So Tommy will be a hard act to follow.
Course all of the former POTY's served with distinction as their lives were transformed for better or worse during their dubious POTY reigns.
  • Tom McMahon ~ 2007
  • Lauren Rathbone ~ 2008
  • Michael "Murph" Murphy ~ 2009
  • Jeremy Johnson  ~ 2010
  • Tommy O'Shea  ~ 2011
And now the mantle must shift to another individual, who undoubtedly will be testament at this time next year to the almost metaphysical transformation that the Nanepashemet Peep of the Year title conveys.
So without any further a do do.....

Nanepashemet Peep of the Year for the Year 2012.

Kerry Russell D'Orio.

As you know, it would be taboo to disclose the reason for this solemn selection, and I dare not even approach the topic given the effect that it could have on the balance of the Universe.
So don't be sending me any "Why, Why" incantations.  The deed is done and is forever scribed into the firmament.
OK???? So that's it.  All done.  Hang in there Kerry.   It will be a roller coaster year for you.

Kerry Russell D'Orio said...

OMG! After a day of ripping it up on the bunny slope like Linday Vaughn and celebrating my daughters 8 th birthday I have found out that I am peep of the F'n year!! I can guarantee that I have been annoying and fun. Tommy O ( cue orgasm voice) is a classic. I have some big shoes to fill. I will order me up a plush Tommy O bathrobe and write my acceptance speech. Happy New Year!

Kerry Russell D'Orio

TommyO said......   Jan 12, 2012 01:45 PM

Wow, Twice now I have tried to send along my "outgoing" POTY post and both times, lost it or failed. I am going to tell you this right now. During my run as POTY, this never happened.  
This just goes to prove the Power of the POTY Title. I had a tremendous year. Work has been outstanding, could be the best sales numbers in my career. My SWISS based Logistics Company posted excellent results and is very healthy, My family is also healthy and looking good. I have had great times with great friends and hope to continue to do so. 
The POTY title is not just a title for one year. This honor gives one the inner confidence to do the right thing and brings out the best in a person. The POTY is not just a title given by a MOAM, it is a state of mind. That is why this attempt will be posted accordingly. Kerry, you are well deserving and all my best going forward. You can feel it right?
Thanks Jay for bestowing upon me this tremendous gift.

2012 New Year's Resolutions

Peeps -
So many of you have been pestering me about my New Year's resolutions. Not sure why... resolutions are highly personal, and the reolutions of a Mountain of a Man are normally unattainable by ordinary Peeps like yourselves.
But I know you.... you will fret, worry, and get really neurotic until you see what the MOAM has in store for the New Year.  So, regardless or how irritating it is, I will comply with your pathetic request and let you in on what I have resolved for 2012.
This year, my resolutions are about developing habits, not necessarily acheiving goals.
  • Get a burn in every morning, on the Cybex, Treadmill or a Harbor Row.
  • Practice Banjo and Guitar every night (after Joanne goes to bed)
  • Learn CAD and practice it every night (between banjo practice).
  • Process Mail and paperwork daily.
  • Archive Files and purge daily.
  • Eat sensibly and deny urge to eat carbs.
So if I develop these habits, the results should be that my weight trends downward, I become a closet musician, can design projects on the computer, and my office is neat and organized. 
And BTW....phuck the Mayans..... They can take their sophisticated calendar calling for the end of the world and stick it up their extinct asses.  I don't plan on cashing it in this year.
I agree that it sounds pretty boring... but it's my life, not your's.  Get your own Goddamn Resolutions.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Customer Appreciation

We got these cool on-the-rocks whiskey glasses to hand out as customer appreciation gifts to Nanepashemet Telecom customers and vendors.  They are clear heavy glass with "Nanepashemet" laser etched on them.  Even Joanne thinks they are really classy.
It's not required that you drink Lagavulin in them, but highly recommended.
If your think that you can't live without one, drop me an email, and we'll see if we can save one or two for you.

Anonymous said...
Obviously drinking whiskey out of the glasses.
What's a Cutomer?
Normally I Don't publish anonymous comments, but this guy was correct on the whiskey and correct on the mis-spelling.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fried Laptop

Somebody dropped some liquid on my laptop at Christmas and it's fried now.  The theory expressed by my kids is that it is my own fault for leaving it on the end table when the elderly are around.  If I agreed with this, I'd be filled with self-loathing, but I'm basically just pissed.
I wanted to replace it with a Mac, but I have my Dell account that I paid off earlier this year, so I fired it up for a cheap Dell laptop that should be here next week or so.  In the meanwhile, I'll try to see if I can salvage some files from the dead laptop.
BTW, it would be interesting to hear their theory if it was their computer that was doused.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

POTW Week 51

Time flies when you're having fun.  I can't believe we are heading into the last week of the year.  Serious Nanepashemet Peeps realize the gravity of this period. 
For Tommy O, who received the thoughtful gift of a "Tommy O Take Out the Trash Bathrobe" from his beautiful wife Linda, and daughters Kelsy and Kate this Christmas morning, the coming week is especially eventful.
This is Tommy's last week as the 2011 Peep of the Year.
By most accounts, it has been a banner year for the POTY.
This comes as no surprize.   You will recall that last year's POTY, Jeremy Johnson became a partner in the Minnesota powerhouse lawfirm of Grey, Plant, Mooty.   Tommy O's career has also taken an appropriate boost at the German/Swiss whatever Logistics firm where he works.  I hope the momentum of this year carries over.
Soon, the magic and mystique of the Nanepashemet Peep of the Year mantle will be passed to another deserving POTY wannabee.
Who will it be???? and why???
Please don't ask these annoying questions which can never be answered.
In the meanwhile, we have this week's  POTW's to honor/disparage.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 51st Week of 2011.

Jill Phillips
Nathaniel Clarke
Peter Lojko
Doug Maxfield
Tim Mcguire
Al Watts

Tension is in the air for next week's selection.

Tuna Lips said...
Yer boy looks like that there kungfu panda in the kiddie shows. I like cut of his jib, may have te git me one of them samurai robes yer peddlin' for karaoke night at the Rte 44 Benny Hanna. I does a mean Engleburt Humperdink, "After the Lovins". That robe would handle the DNA splatter

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Wish

It's Christmas Eve.
A time of many happy memories of family and friends.  To me, the classic Christmas movie is the 1989 "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" because so many of us can identify in our own way with the emotions and frustrations that Chevy Chase portrays.
Looking back at the stages of my life, it's readily apparent that we have had bountiful blessings.  Some have been bestowed by our own hard work, and some seem to come from the benevolence of a guiding spirit.  Some of our blessings have material manifestations, but the real blessings are the love and friendship that come from family, friends, and even you pathetic Nanepashemet Peeps.
I feel blessed to have run into you during this brief wander on planet Earth.
My wish to you on this Christmas Eve is that you take strong notice of the bounteous blessings that rain upon you each and every day amid our daily trials.
Merry Christmas Peeps.

Maria Rowen said...

And for the most fortunate, it is the bountiful blessing of brandy in the breakfast egg nog... I too feel blessed to have wandered into your planet this morning... Thanks for another year...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tidings and Joy

Seems to be a lot of angst out there about Christmas celebrations.
Why can't we all just get along?
Christmas might have started as a religious holiday, but now it has evolved into a wholly secular celebration of   "Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men".
Santa has nothing to do with Jesus... nor do pine trees in our house, pagan wreathes, and decorating our homes with electric light bulbs.
If you want Jesus out, it's already been done. But let's keep Santa. He transcends the religious dogma.  And we really should try to keep all of that "Joy" stuff.    How can that hurt anybody?
If you want to add Jesus back in (as I do), that's a personal decision.
Seasons Greetings.

Blog to Go

Just got an urgent message from a Peep requesting  a mobile phone app to access the Nanepashemet Blog. 
It's a fair request.   I'm not the least bit insulted by it.
In fact, such a app already exists.
If you want to view the blog on your smartphone, point the phone browser to
Please enjoy your blog fix responsibly.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bye Bye Kim

Do you buy the news shots of the hysterically crying North Koreans mourning the death of their beloved dictator, Kim Jong il ?
Seems slightly staged doesn't it?   Like we'll imprison your grandmother if you don't obnoxiously wail  publically.
Really sad.

mjnest48 said...

Oh Herro

Tuna Lips said...
Looks like the reactin' that gos on when I crop-dust the Keno crowd with a "pickled egg and pork rinds" silent but deadly special. The humanity.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

East Bumphuck

Those of you who think that the Mountain of a Man always gets what he wants at a zoning hearing three freaking driving hours from his house would be freaking wrong.  The worse requests are the simple ones.  The kind Board members are inclined to grant the permit, but would we mind just setting up a site viewing and coming back to see them next year or so?
Of course we don't freaking mind.  It is our phucking pleasure to drive to East BumPhuck and come to a whole other freaking hearing a month from now so we can achieve what could have happened easily last night.
Happy to do it.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brady v. Tebow

I'm patiently waiting for the Patriots - Broncos game this Sunday afternoon.  Should be a good game.  Both quarterbacks are hot.... the experienced Brady and the unlikely Tebow.  The press has been touting this as Tom Brady, the Secular Man of the World, versus Tim Tebow, the Fundamentalist Christian Clean Living Icon.
I'm sure that it is not a confrontation of good and evil.  Just because Brady swears on the sidelines and has sex with movie stars and supermodels.... that doesn't make him a bad guy.  And  Tebow, steeped in thanks and prayer living at home with his mom, doesn't make him particularly virtuous.
I have nothing against either quarterback.   But I think I'm leaning towards Brady.

Jim L. said... 
I find the fact that the Mountain of a Man describes a couple of guys as "hot" just a little disturbing.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tazed by a Furniture Ad

I'm sure she's a nice person, and this comment isn't going to seem very Christmas spirit like, but I just have to say this.
The shrill voice every morning of Bermie and Phyl's slightly rotund daughter on their TV furniture commercials hits my nerves like a freaking Tazer.
"Get zero percent financing at Bernie and Phyl's!"
Don't Taze me Bitch... Don't TAZE ME!
Otherwise... Happy Holdiays.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Waiting to Kick Back

Sorry for the gap in posts.  I was back and forth to Connecticut for the past three days and the drive time is tedious.
It's not like a bunch of blogable stuff didn't happen.... like finding out where about ten thousand crows roost at twilight in Hartford (on the trees surrounding the cell site that we were working on.   It was like an Alfred Hitchcock movie.)
And we've been combining cell site construction with zoning meeting work in the evening, which has contributed to the hours being freaking crazy.  Although I like to write and don't feel too much effort in doing it (which probably shows in the content), it is still hard to summon up the strength when you are dead tired.
One more trip to New Haven County next week, and I'll kick back for the Christmas Holiday.  But only after a bunch of customer care holiday events.   MOAM... don't fail me now.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Toy

Bought a tool to bend PVC pipe today at  We'll use it to bend some PVC at a cell site that Nanepashemet Telecom is building..... but then I have a lot of other stuff in mind.  Like some wild outdoor furniture, or some complicated plumbing for the Japanese water garden that I'm planning, or some resilient bumpers for the Marblehead Gunning Dory.
Any tool with it's capabilities tends to widen your mind with its possibilities.  This one, which allows a resilient, rigid, material like PVC pipe to be transforimed into highly manipulated curves, is going to be a boon for all sorts of imagination.
I'm wicked psyched.

Tuna Lips said...

I was wonderin' who was gonna snap up the late Missus Hornstroffer's 2-in-1 vacuum hose and dildo with vibratin' action. You can tell a lot about someone from a yard sale. I reckon it'd suprise nobody that peoples far and wide knowed her fer keepin' a very tidy home.

dougmaxfield said...

I would love a report on how this tool works. Could be quite useful for changing my buoy system that I currently am not so impressed with.

And you shall have your report, Waterman.
The system basically turns 1 1/4" PVC pipe into plyable spaghetti for a period of time when you can easily place it into any form.  After that, it cools to its original rigidity.  Check out the videos on the website.

Feel free to give me a call if you want a personal demonstration.

Skull Caps and Slumber

Gail Johnson was over the house yesterday when a shipment of Tuna :Lips Skull Caps was delivered.  I could tell by her facial expression that she intensely desired to own the high quality knit garment so I gave her one and another for her slightly schizo spouse Dale/Buck.
Once that was done, we were emotionally free to have an enjoyable dinner, after which I retired to the bedroom, strapped on my sleep apnea apparatus, and had a long and restful December night slumber.
I know it's not a particularly interesting or insightful vignette, but it's all I have for now.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cousin Eddie

Someone hacked into my account and placed the CLARK GRISWOLD Christmas Vacation Chicago Blackhawks CCM White Hockey Jersey in  my checkout cart.
Who would do such a thing????

I can think of a couple of people.
If it wasn't such a high quality item, I'd be really pissed.
At any rate, if you are the Cousin Eddie who did this... I would watch your back.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Order Madness

So I'm at the Duluth Trading Co. site ordering some shoes and they say that my size has sold out.  A nice lady even called me on my cell phone to tell me that they couldn't fulfill my order, and she gave me a code for free shipping on my next order.  Excellent customer care.
But, as cool as they are at Duluth, you won't find that problem at the Nanepashemet Blogging Apparel Store.  All of our advertised stock is readily available so you won't experience the bitter dissapointment of order rejection. 

Even though the Tuna Lips Skull Caps are flying out the door, there will be one ready for you when you finally get up the gonads to fire up your plastic. 
Despite massive orders from 50 states as well as Canadian Provinces, the Tommy O Tank Tops are fully stocked for your muscle shirt enjoyment.

And the Atty Jeremy Johnson Wannabee Boxers in all sizes are ready for order.... although there has been a big run on the 2X's.
Some of you Peeps have accused the Mountain of the Man of selling this stuff in a shameless effort to raise some extra Holiday scratch.  Very insightful.  But that's not the only freaking reason.   The fact is that all of the profits from this enterprize will be donated to my favorite charity... the JJ Fund... dedicated to keeping the Mountain of a Man as solvent as possible.
And before you click to another site in disgust, consider this ..... if the JJ Fund isn't sizably healthy.... how do you expect to get your pathetic Nanepashemet Blog fix.... day after hopeless day????  Yeah.. You didn't think of that, did you?

Friday, December 09, 2011

Small Town

Living in a small town used to mean that you dealt with gossip and people who wanted to know everything about you.
But the information age now means that the entire world is really a small town for purposes of finding out anything about anyone.
That's why the news seems to be so prone to gossip about celebrities and low life situations.
Gossip seems to help people let go of the absurdities and incompetence in their own lives as they search for the failings in others.  Now we don't have to hang in the village square to find our topics.  They are brought to us electronically from the four corners of the Earth.

Pisc said...

My tuna lips winter cap arrived today. Perfect

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Crap Shoot

My friend, Will Murray, called yesterday and asked that I attend a zoning hearing at the City of Peabody this evening.
Naturally I'll be there.  Will seemed pretty worked up about it. 
A big part of my livelyhood is getting permits from various municipalities.  And there is always a lot of anxiety around it, because people you don't know  can really drop a monkey wrench in your path.  But things generally work out the way they're supposed to. 
My company has gotten over a hundred permits in the last two years.   And I have been skunked badly once in that time in a little Berkshire hill town... didn't see it coming at all.
This one tonight is not business for me... I'm just there to support a friend.  Betting that he beats the odds.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Couch Visualization

Today will be a long day.
Sometime late tonight or in the early hours of tomorrow, I will be sitting here on the couch after traveling to New Haven County this evening for a zoning hearing and then deadheading back to Marblehead.
I anticipate a positive outcome, but you never know.  I've been submarined at these events before.  If I get the petition approved, it will be worth it.

I'm back on the couch as predicted at 12:06AM.  Our petition was accepted unanimously, which was nice... but the six hours or so in the F150,..... down to New Haven and back...was  freaking exhausting.  Living the Dream has its limitations.

Birthday Bonus

It was my birthday yesterday... which I share with my grandson, Ethan, who was born on the same day of the year.  This guarantees that my family will always remember my birthday, because they are too scared to forget Ethan's.  If you saw the pic that I posted yesterday, you would know why.
Sometimes, being a Mountain of a Man means that you have to step back and quell  personal excitement for the sake of others.  So I was pretty low key about my day.  But Joanne and I did go down to our favorite Marblehead restaurant, Cafe Italia, with Dale and Gail Johnson and the Johnson's picked up the tab.
That took the sting out of the wait staff calling me "Big Guy".
I continue to harbor the theory that calling people "Big Guy" is a euphemism for "Fat Shit".   So Dale never misses the chance to tab the "BG" moniker on me.
Did I mention that he picked up the tab?  Let him have his fun.....

Monday, December 05, 2011

Should Have Seen the Other Guy

This is a photo of my Grandson, Ethan Nestor, who ran into some trouble down at the local YMCA.
Here he is patiently waiting with his balloon for Santa.
If I were Santa... I'd give him what he asks for.
He turns 3 years old tomorrow.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Shame about Cain

It's not like Herman Cain was going to get the Nanepashemet Nod, but I have a real bad taste in my mouth about him leaving the Republican nomination race and the way he had to leave.
It seems to me that he didn't force himself on any of the women who came forward about him, and I don't see the motivation to throw yourself into the national limelight just because someone made a pass at you..
Unless of course it was money.
I believe that the truth will come out that these women were scamers or corrupted by bribes.
A conservative Black Republican candidate is so dangerous to Obama and the Dems, that Cain had to be derailed at all costs.
I wonder how much it actually did cost?

Postgame Belichick

Just finished watching Bill Belichick's Post Game press conference as the Pats beat the Colts 31-24.
His answers are always the same...
  • Individual stats don't matter.
  • They did some things well and need to improve on other things.
  • They are only interested in focusing on the next team that they are going to play.
Basically... it's a team game and keep your focus on the next game.  In many ways, it is a prescription for success in almost any field of endeavor.
It seems like he's always in a big hurry to get off of the podium.

I do feel bad for the new reporters who throw themselves into the breach once more to ask questions that have been answered the same way for weeks and years on end.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Christmas Shopping Salvation

OK Peeps.
In a magnanimous effort help you with your pathetic attempts at Christmas shopping.... I'm going to make it easy for you.... plus, these are the classiest gifts this side of the Pecos.

Tommy McMahon Commemorative Peep of the Year UniSex V Neck T - a steal at $21.90.
Official Nanepashemet Atty Jeremy Johnson Y front Wannabee Boxers - only $17.74.
Official Nanepashemet Tommy O Taking Out the Trash Bathrobe - unheard of price of $39.88.
Official Nanepashemet Mountain of a Man Couch Potato Pants - giving them away at $28.90.
Official Nanepashemet Tuna Lips Skull Cap  - underpriced at $18.90.

Just click on the links and order to your hearts content.
Since most of the guys at the Indonesian sweat shop that manufactures these fine garments are Muslims, there is no slowdown during the holiday season.  So production is kicking along like a MoFo.
There is a lot of other cool stuff in the store also.

John Forbes Kerry said...

Where can I gut me a Tuna lips Skullcap?

You would certainly stike a figure on your Rhode Island yacht with the TL logo stuck on your forehead, Senator.   Have your people contact me and I will cut a bulk deal for you, Heinzy, and the rest of your crew.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

500 Point Blessing.

The Dow Jones Stock Market Average rose by 500 points yesterday.
Isn't it funny that when the stock market increases, it gets far less play than if it drops?
If the market plunged by 500 points, it would have been major headlines.
People tend to whine about problems much more than count their blessings.