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Monday, November 14, 2011

A Sprayed Finish

If I told you how much I have paid for paint sprayers over the years... I'm sure you would lose respect for me.... given there is any left.
I'm not going to tell you all the money I've dropped on these machines, because Joanne occasionally reads this pathetic Blog and I don't want her to know.   But I'll tell you this much.  It was a freaking whole lot.
I've been a fan of spraypainters ever since I was the Executive Director of the Lynn Housing Authority, bought a sprayer, and found out that you could spray out an apartment in two days... compared to the 10+ days that it was then taking.  So I fired one of the painters and named the paint sprayer after him.  And then threatened to fire more and name more sprayers unless production tightened up.... which it did.
Course the unions and the politicians jumped all over me for this brash act.... but now I'm veering off topic.
The fact is... I hate to freaking paint. But the boats and the furniture that I like to build requires a great finish or its not worth the time building that stuff.  And to get the best finish, you really have to spray multi light coats.  Plus spray painting is way faster.  So I've suffered along with unpredictable HVLP sprayers until now.
Went to Harbor Freight, and saw an automotive High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray paint gun that worked off of 35 PSI on the compressor.  And it was only $49 Bucks.  So I took a flyer and bought yet another sprayer.
But the freaking thing works like a charm.  Just sprayed the second coat of unthinned Minwax Satin Polyurethane on the bookcases that I built to hide the elevator door at the Sundance house, and it was the best spraying experience that I have ever experienced.
No drips or leaks from the gun, a fine and predictable spray, and a smooth and even finish.  A nice purchase from Harbor Freight Tools.

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