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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Shut Off

I predict this Herman Cain sexual assault stuff will backfire.
After seeing the first of his accusers come forward, I definitely sense some scamming going on.  And even if Cain made a pass at this bimbo, she admits that he backed off when she expressed her unwillingness.  Correct me if I'm wrong.... but unless you take the next step and force someone to act against their will... you are only behaving like a normal horny sexually active human being.
Like Clinton, Kennedy and virtually every non-eunuch that I know.
If making a pass is a crime, then there are virtually 100% criminals running around.  That's why.. unless you were just trying to sink Cain.... I doubt that you can condemn him.
He says he's been happily married for 40 years, so if he cheated on his wife, that would suck... but it isn't a crime.  All of these accusations seem to come 14 years later.  Maybe he was going through a bad patch.
For me personally, I would still vote for Kennedy.... even though he was diddling anything he could sneak into a back door.   He was still a great President and Leader.   If Cain's accusers are correct, he's going through all this and still came up short of a score because he apparently backed off and respected the wishes of  his accusers.   That's not sexual assault.  That's just being shut off.
And if these accusers are a scam... that is dangerous.   Because you can imagine what will be in store for Obama if the gloves are going to come off this way.

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