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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Racist Politico

It should be the Republican Presidential Challengers who are digging up old sexual harrassment allegations against Herman Cain, however it is the liberal blog, Politico , that "broke" the story.  Sex in politics among consenting adults shouldn't be an issue, unless you are diddling an intern or giving your gay partner a big public payroll job.
Surely the Dems don't want to raise the specter of Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, or the Obama affair with Vera Baker.  It makes no sense coming from the party that gave us the sexual habits of John Kennedy and FDR.
Although the Democrats can never be accused of logical thinking.  They are probably panicky to get Cain out of the way, so they can play the race card with BO if they have to.... the Chris Matthews / Dan Rather style finger pointing intimations  that you must be racist if you are against the present lightweight.
So it is important for the Dems to sink Cain.  Which is racist at its core... trying to discredit someone just because he is a Black Man.

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