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Friday, November 25, 2011

POTW Week 47

A slow day... the day after Thanksgiving.  Because we are so blessed, we had way too much to eat causing a sluggish, passifying, general feeling of inertia.  But we're  not going so slow that we can't live up to our responsibilities.
In many ways, this week is the most important of the year for practicing Nanepashemet Peeps.....  what with the inspirational yet annoying night before Bash with it's overindulgence, baudiness and lack of good taste all rolled into one raucous night of celebration.
I do enjoy it so.
Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 47th week of 2011

Kerry D'Orio
Brendt D'Orio (Automatic Lagavulin Rule)
Maria Rowen (Automatic Lagavulin Rule)
Mark Vona (Automatic Lagavulin Rule)
Will Crawford
Brady Boyle

So another Bash goes into the record books.  It was the first at the Sundance House and won't be the last.  Next year, we welcome back the prodical son to this most solemn and esteemed occasion.

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