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Friday, November 11, 2011

Perry Brain Fart

I feel bad for the  brain fart exhibited by Gov. Rick Perry in the Presidential Debate.
Been there, Done that.
It has happened to me in public speaking situations where you split into two consciousnesses.  One is trying to speak to topic and no facts are forthcoming... and the other is watching you go though this and realizing that you are totally screwed.
One time I was able to recover by just saying that I was nervous and needed time to compose myself.  The audience was surprizingly accommodating, and when I came to my senses, I actually gave a pretty good presentation.
For the most part, I have overcome my phobia of public speaking and generally do a good job.... even an inspirational one from time to time.  Once my boss at General Dyanimics said that I gave the best presentation that he ever saw at a national account pitch in Chicago.  Funny because I wasn't that impressed.  Course he turned out to be a real dildo anyway.  We won the job and he ultimately screwed it up.  Corporate Doublespeak Wunderkind.
But... to get back on topic... The insidious part of a brainfart is that you never know when it will attack.  
I probably won't be throwing the Nanepashemet Presidential endorsement to Perry.   But his brainfart has nothing to do with it.

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