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Monday, November 28, 2011

Out of the Haze

It was time to break out of the Thanksgiving Holiday Haze today, and I think I pulled it off.  The key was to touch all of the outstanding projects and get responses and inquiries out on everything.  Then the emails and phone calls kick in in response to your action and it is off to the races.
By 1:30 PM or so, it was like you never took a four day eating and drinking overindulgence binge with virturally no redeeming activity in between.
I even ate right today... keeping clear of carbs and getting 20 min. on the Cybex.
Made a Doctor's appointment for Jan 30, 2012 which is two days prior the end of the FreshAyer ordeal, and it seems like the two months between here and then might be nice period of time to get my weight and blood pressure down through a little self denial and discipline.
This time, the only thing that I can guarantee is that I'll try.

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