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Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy Wherever

I've been watching the news reports on the Occupy Boston campers who have set up their puptents somewhere in downtown Boston.
Either the TV news reporters are seeking out the dumbest idiots that they can find to interview at the camp.... or these people are real losers.  All of the interviews have been with real goofy bastards and I havn't heard a shred of sense from any of them.
Usually, the news reporters get a decent soundbite on these types of things.  No luck here.
Yet people like Obama, Nancy Pelosi and that Harvard Professor running against Senator Brown have expressed their support for the movement.   What movement?   Who the hell are they supporting?   People who pitch puptents and yelp about getting a job?
I, myself, wouldn't have the means to camp out in downtown Boston for a couple of months.  Who would pay for my food, mortgages and all of the other stuff?  Man, I'd love to sit around and whine and scream with these fine looking folks, but I'm too busy thinking of ways to make money and keep afloat.

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