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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Joe Pa and Pedophilia

I've been trying to sort out this Penn State pedophilia situation for a while.
Consider Joe Paterno.  He coaches a major college football team for 46 years until he is 84 years old.   His heir apparent, Jerry Sandusky is deposed in 1999, at the prime of his coaching life, age 55 with allegations of child abuse.   Yet he forms a program for disadvantaged youth, with a ready supply of pedophilia victims and uses the football facilities of the Penn State Campus!
Paterno controls every facet of the program and just won't retire.  Could it be that he knew of the timebomb and wanted to control as much as he could for as long as he could?
Consider pedophilia.  A grown man despicably sodomizes a young boy, causing a lifetime of psychological harm.... all for the momentary release of the Perv.  Sandusky should be hanged by his nuts.
Like 90% of you Peeps, I'm a practicing heterosexual.   But just because I have heterosexual urges, I don't seek out little girls to rape.  That is immoral and criminal.  Why can't  these Pedophiles control their urges as well?
String up the asshole.  And string up anyone who gave him the open environment to fuck with innocent kids.

dougmaxfield said...

String up anyone who caught him in the act and didn't beat him to death.

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  1. Anonymous5:43 PM

    String up anyone who caught him in the act and didn't beat him to death.


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