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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dump Etiquette

In a concerted effort to fend off the Thanksgiving Haze, I loaded up the the F150 for a much needed trip to the dump.,
The Marblehead Transfer Station, aka the Dump, is  a tight turnaround with a scale and a hydraulic packing unit that has a one car wide entrance.  In a perfect world, you would pull into the turnaround, neatly back up to the packing unit pit, efficiently dump your trash, and quickly drive away.
But at the Marblehead Dump... it's not a freaking perfect world.
It could be though, if people would only practice some simple dump etiquette. 
  • Like when you back up to the hydraulic pit, get out of your vehicle promptly and get to the business of dumping your crap.  
  • And you may want to move a little faster than a snail with the flu while you discard your trash from your vehicle. 
  • And you should refrain from striking up a neighborly conversation in between throwing your trash while other people, aka me, are waiting patiently to use the pit.
  • And when you're done dumping your shit, you really shouldn't stay at the pit to sweep your BMW station wagon clean and dust free while parked at the pit.
  • And when you're done taking up my time, while you primp and preen your dumping experience.... it would be nice if you moved your ass just a tad quicker to get back into your soccer mom bus and pull the hell out of the pit area.
Listen Asshole....
Your didn't lease some time at the freaking dump pit.  It's not like your timeshare in Cabo.   Get the Phuck In and get the Phuck Out and stop wasting my Phucking TIME!
I love to go to the Dump.  You meet the nicest people.... and they meet you.

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  1. Anonymous12:12 AM

    I'm Tuna Lupus, dump etiquette master from danger dump Delaware. I freaking agree. Speed dating at a dump site is b.s. if you want to date. Text me. Tuna lupus. Tuna lips cousin. Dump etiquette over and out.


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