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Monday, October 31, 2011

Wasted Water Season

The WhaleEye is coming out of the water this week.  Ryan Marine will be pulling it and I have to get out and clean out anything that shouldn't be left on it before it is shrink wrapped for the winter.  Like boat beers and that bottle of Lagavulin that Bobby Brown so thoughtfully brought on our last "fishing" trip.
I didn't run into any bluefish blitzes this year, and never got the lobster traps out.  The one time we made it to Stellwagen, even the whales failed to show.   I never spent the time to revarnish the Herreshoff Columbia Tender, and that remained on the trailer in the driveway.   It was the most unproductive boating season ever.
We got in a couple of cruises in that ended happily at the Boston Yacht Club bar,  however.  So my bar tab would indicate that the season isn't a total bust at least.
With the work at the Sundance house and other priorities, we never got our act together on the water.  Significant amounts of fish and lobsters got a stay of execution. 
We'll be ready for them next year.

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