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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Social Networking

I've been on Twitter for a couple of weeks now.... and I'm just not getting it.  I've been following some celebs like Serena Williams, Paris Hilton and OchoCinco, but their one sentence diatribes don't do anything for me.   And about 50 are following my tweets... why?.... I have no idea.
For that matter, Facebook seems to be losing its cache as well.  It was fun for a while when I was aggravating Liberals and Bible toters, but then the Liberals wouldn't take the bait anymore and the Bible toters got really pissed. 
I did touch base with a couple of old friends, which was worthwhile... but it seems that anybody who I was to uncover has been exposed.
I have about 200 "Friends" on Facebook and look in amazement with all those who have 1000 or more.   I don't know 1000 people period.... friends, enemies or whatnot.    I've only "defriended" a few people.  One guy I really like, but I couldn't stand to read about him constantly in post after post everyday.  Another guy was an asshole from the old neighborhood who I never liked 40 years ago and didn't want to pretend to like today.
LinkedIn is a different story.  That's more business oriented and I never deter from business etiquette.  I have about 500 Linkedin contacts, many of which I would walk right by on the street and not recognize, but the contacts are for business development.
I still really enjoy posting in this Blog.  It's a very selfish enterprize that I undertake solely for my own enjoyment and psychological grounding.   If I wasn't doing this electronically, I'd be writing in journals like the old days when I started in college after taking a course on Emerson and Thoreau.  The fact that thousands of  you hapless Peeps follow my every word is an interesting byproduct that I never imagined when I initially entered this medium.
It would only be fair if you mailed me a check once in awhile.

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