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Sunday, October 23, 2011

the Next Hundred Days

So we're into the last 100 days of a sojourn that seemed mountainous when it first started.   For well over two years, we have been making the biweekly trek to FreshAyer, and it seems surreal that the finish line is finally in sight.
Ironically, some of the self righteous coffin nailers of two years ago are in their own rough patches these days.  Maybe the "Big Boy Time Outs" that they advocated will be something that they will be treating themselves to in some way, shape or manner.    Good ole Law of Karma never seems to let up.  After the next hundred days, I wonder who will have the better outlook?
"Well, the thing about time is that time isn't really real,
It's just your point of view,
How does it feel for you?
Einstein said he could never understand it all." - sang James Taylor.
The laws of Physics have been taking a beating lately with particles that apparently can move faster than the speed of light.  The whole concept of time gets turned upside down, when you can move faster that you can see an object.  It means that you can experience something before it "appears" or "happens".  Even the longest, most painful ordeals, sometimes seem like they never happened with they are over.
For most people, the next hundred days will cruise along with a regular cadence.  Others, who are dreading their coming karmic ordeals will see it fly by.   But for us, I think it will still feel like a long time.
But then it will be over.

Jim L. said...

Best wishes for a happy new year.

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  1. Jim L.5:22 PM

    Best wishes for a happy new year.


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