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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Nanepashemet Peep Line of Blogging Apparel

Peeps -
Many of you have been irritating me constantly with questions like, " J.  When are your going to come out with a line of Nanepashemet Blog wearing apparel.?"
Naturally, I've been ignoring this for the last few years, but of late, a line of very high quality and affordable items have been made available to me, and I might as well satisfy your completely over pent up demand.
I came through with the book, didn't I???  So quit your nagging.
If you need to bulk order these items, drop me an email and I'll make you a deal.
the sheik and sophisticated line of Nanepashemet Peep Apparel....
Click on the shirt to see the full line, and don't blow all of your wardrobe budget on Nanepashemet stuff.

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