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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Change in Priorities

I have to install some baseboards around the deck door trim today.  Will try to fit that around all of the Nanepashemet General Contracting activity and also finish some drywall in the hallway before the Labor Day weekend..   But the most important activity... even more important than posting in this Blog.... is getting a workout in.
My dieting efforts have failed miserably.   Just have no ability to shy away from bread, pizza and pasta.   So an upgraded regimen of exercise on the Cybex, the treadmill and the addition of pushups and pullups has to be added into a daily lifestyle change.
In the past, exercise has taken second position to the demands of job and career.  But I have to switch this priority and convince myself that losing weight and getting into shape is more important than meeting every job obligation on a timely basis.
Of course, what you eat is important too.  But I already know that I can't win that battle.  Maybe will be victorious in a skirmish every once in awhile.   Workouts have to lead the charge.

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