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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Private Jet Taxation

President Obama wants to increase the taxes on people who fly in corporate jets.  Does he know what turmoil he is really about to cause?
If the CEO's and corporate BigWigs all travel by commercial airflight, it will screw things up for everyone.  Bigger lines in security, no seats in the airport clubs and the uneasy experience of potentially having to sit next to the Big Boss for endless hours in the air.
What if you burp, fart, or snore?  Now it can have career consequences on middle management types, who are generally struggling to keep their jobs as it is.
Plus, the poor smucks who cater to bigwigs in the private aircraft industry will be jobless.
I had the experience of traveling on a Gulfstream with the Big Boss when I worked for General Dyamics.  Trust me... you want to keep these guys on their personal jets and avoid their appearance in commercial airports where you can fade in with the general public..

You have to think harder on this one Barack.  Once again, the middle class bears the burden.

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  1. I don't think that the taxation would affect the Private Jet business, as people who travel on it cares about time and not about money.


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