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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Not in Kansas

A Shrek movie was playing in the background while I was putting around the house today.  The Grandkids were glued to it.  From what I saw, it seemed like an epic battle was taking place between trolls and witches.. or something like that.
Why do we make movies for kids that basically set up life or death frightening circumstances?
I remember when I was little, being scared shitless watching "The Wizard of Oz".   Evil witch looking to kill Dorothy and threatening the same for poor Toto the dog.   Flying monkeys and lots of evil castle henchmen marching around.
It was dark and freaking scary, with a high point where Dorothy kills the Witch when it turns out a bucket of water had the same effect as sufuric acid on the  evil Wicca practitioner.
What is the point of scaring the shit out of little kids?  Seems like there is enough life or death stuff in real life without reinforcing horrendous possibilities during a chance to relax while watching some fantasy film.  Maybe it would have been better if Dorothy stayed in Kansas.

Jim L. said...

Oh, come on, its fun! And, they usually don't know enough to retaliate.

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  1. Jim L.8:04 AM

    Oh, come on, its fun! And, they usually don't know enough to retaliate.


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