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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maintenance Phase

We've moved from the development phase to the maintenance phase at the Sundance House.  Which is a big plus in the quality of life.
In the development phase, you live in a mess.  Tools, building supplies, and debris are left out and always in the way.  The job is always weeks in length.  The development phase involves a lot of sawing, sanding and dirt.  Nerves, Tempers, and relationships get frayed.   That's how it's been here for the last six months or so.
But now in the maintenance phase, it is more caulking, painting and cleaning, with no heavy lifting.   You can sneak in a job, take out the tools, do the work, put everything back and everything seems normal.  You may even get a compliment or two.  Spouses and family don't get nearly as crazy.
Plus the maintenance phase makes everything look nicer when you are done, while the development phase always ends in a mess, even if you worked your ass off.
Course, the maintenance phase will last for another six months.  But  it will be more tolerable.

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