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Friday, July 01, 2011

Going Viral

So I get this frantic email from saying that the "Nanepashemet 2007 - Start of the Journey" book is flying off of the cyberspace shelves faster than they can keep up with the physical printing process. 
Then they ask if they can make it a little smaller and cut back on all of the full color illustrations and graphics.

And I had an immediate answer for them.  "NO Freaking WAY. "
We won't be compromising on the quality of the binding, the glossy covers, or the full color spectacular photos.
It's not like I didn't warn them that this thing was going to go viral right away.   That this would spark a phenomonal response to a pent up demand that had been lying dormant under almost volcanic pressure until now.
So, suck it up Amazon.  Print the masterpiece and stop your pathetic whining.
The Nanepashemet Peeps deserve nothing less.

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