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Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Launch

Sorry for the lapse in Blog posts, but it was a nice weekend, filled with friends, family, birthdays, anniversaries and FreshAyer.  Plus I reached into my MOAM reserves and managed to set and pour the concrete conlumns for the Sundance Deck.
Something had to be left behind, and this pathetic Blog was it.
This week should be a test for Blogging time as well since the WhaleEye is scheduled to be launched and we'll be sanding and painting the other watercraft.... the Pram and the Columbia Herreshoff Tender.  The Pram gets the priority because it is supposed to be on the ring down at the Rockett Wharf on Village Street.  I've been critical of those who leave their rings vacant before, and now I'm one of them.
It seems like summer has kicked in bigtime.  Should be busy between fishing for stripers and lobsters, building the deck and keeping up the pace at Nanepashemet Telecom.  We had secretly hoped that FreshAyer would be out of the mix, but it looks like that will be in the picture until early next year.

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