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Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Purpose of Powerwashing

I don't have time to give you a thoughtful blog entry tonight.
First of all... I don't feel like writing anything.   The Bruins lost, we had tornadoes all over Western Mass, and I spent most of the day preparing the tax information for the Sundance Pre-School.   I hate anything about taxes, and working on them is always a downer.  So I'm not in the mood for any upbeat shit, despite my recent exhortations.
Plus... I have to deliver my power washer over to Dale and Gales' so that they can powerwash their deck.   Obviously they're rubbing it in that we don't have a deck here at the Sundance house, so we might as well let them use the powerwasher.
Being a Mountain of a Man means that your have to overcome an insult or a slight from time to time.  I'll let them use it anyway.

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