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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shed Start

It's good that this Rapture stuff is behind us.   Bring on the Mayans.
Heading out for some FreshAyer with the Grandkids this morning.  Hope that the rain holds off so that we can run around outside.
Otherwise, I want to finish the trash barrell shed that I started yesterday.  Had some nice interruptions from the Crawford kids. Mac, Will, Phoebe and Charlotte, who dropped by and played at the park, along with Cam and Francesca D'Orio who came by with Brendt and Kerry after a successful day of flounder fishing outside of the Lighthouse at Marblehead Harbor.
Brendt brought over some of his catch, which is worthy of a POTW mention.... although if he brought a bottle of Lagavulin, then it would have been an Automatic.   The fish is a nice substitute though.  And Sue Sue came by for her Will and Ethan fix.
So a one day project moved over a day or so.  It was worth it.

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