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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rapture Rumination

Apparently, some Christians are touting that the Rapture is about to happen... maybe this Saturday.  
The Rapture was never described in the Bible, but it is supposed to be an end of the world event where born again or chosen Christians will dramatically disappear and will be swept to a heavenly aferlife, leaving the sinners to bear the brunt of the gruesome destruction of the world.
I don't buy it.
It just seems too wacky and complicated.
When the world ends, we will probably all go together in a cataclysmic disruption.  God can always sort things out in the afterlife for whatever exotic punishment we require.
But if the Rapture does occur, I'm sure that I will be around to put a Blog post together about it.... and I'm equally sure that most of my Peeps will be here to read it.

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