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Sunday, May 01, 2011

B-ALERT April Evaluation

At the beginning of April, I mentioned that I'd let you know about how the B-ALERT system worked at the end of the month.   That's the technique detailed in "The Power of Focus" by Jack Canfield et. al.
The technique worked well.... actually really freaking good!  Without getting into stuff that's none of your business, suffice it to say that my business and finances improved, my weight dropped, I consistently started running again, and there is not one nagging "to do" item left on my desk, when last month.... it was covered with them.  I even improved my guitar playing.
And there was no additional stress on my time, or regular Mountain of a Man routine.  
Basically... the success confirmed the Power of Focus.   All of the tools to make personal improvements are readily at hand... they just have to be aligned and focused upon.

You will recall that B-ALERT is an acronym that stants for....

B - Blueprint - create a daily plan that links to your short and long term goals.
A - Act - overcome inertia and take action on your Blueprint
L - Learn - take time everyday to read and study in your fields of endeavor.
E - Exercise - You can't afford to neglect the health and strength of your body.
R - Relax - If you need a power nap to recharge in the day... take it.  Your productivity will soar later.
T - Think - Evaluate the events of your Blueprint at the end of the day.

So you Peeps should really stop centering your lives on this pathetic Blog every day.  You can emerge from the hopeless rut that has become your existence.  
There is more to life than panting for daily tidbits from this Mountain of a Man.  

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