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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shelving not Shelved

This morning, I'm trying to wipe off the cobwebs from last night's libations, because I promised Katelyn that I'd build her custom closet at her condo in South Boston.
I had told her that I would be there at 8:00AM, but that't not going to happen.  Probably will show by 9:30AM, take measurements and make a rough plan and stock list.    We will  be going with 1x12 pine shelving, held together with Kreg Screws and supported by base 1x4's and pre-made brackets.

By 10:30, we'll be at the Home Depot picking up the stuff and the saws won't cut their first board until noon.
Mike wants to grab lunch at a Southie Pub which could seriously threaten the project schedule.
But Katelyn will be driving me hard to see this project reach completion.  That means that the finish will not be a final coat of paint, but just the carpentry.

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