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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lying About Libya

I'm not in favor of putting American kids in harm's way over this Libyan civil war.  The threat to our country is minimal, despite the fact that the Libyan Dictator Gadhafi has openly supported terrorist attacks that have lead to the loss of American lives.
The case with Saddam Hussein in Iraq was different in that he was gassing Kurds in his country and had given all impressions that he was developing weapons of mass destruction.  It was a definite threat, even though we found out that he was bluffing after we kicked his ass.
Although it would be nice for Gadhafi to reach the same fate as Hussein, that can't be the motivation for our foreign policy.
There are repressive regimes throughout the world, that persecute their people.  If that is our rationale for intervention in Libya, where do we draw the line?
In reality, we are intervening in Libya because of the importance of Libyan oil to France and Britain, and the US is nervous about controlling the leadership position.  Funny how France is leading the way on this one, but turned their nose at the Iraq effort.  It's all about the money.  This repressive regime reason is bullshit.
Obama already has the Nobel Peace Prize, and the lefties will give him a big pass on this action... although there is far less reason to attack Libya than Iraq.

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