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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Fresh Start

Heading out for some FreshAyer with Dale and Gail Johnson this morning.  Ryan will be fired up to see them.   Before that though, I hope to finish purging my files and throwing away the irrelevant ones.
Finished sorting through my books and clothes yesterday, and a fair amount went to the Book Bin or to the Salvation Army clothes container at the dump.   I can easily now fit my books into the bookcase, and my clothes into my closet.
With the essential files neatly filed in the file cabinets, we can easily organize the family room and the last bedroom, and then I can resume the wainscotting and trimwork for this house.  Then we can attack the backyard, which has been transformed into Appalachia during this move.
As soon as the weather improves, the deck and tool shed will start.

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