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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rape and Peaceful Protest

While our network news spindoctors were cheerily reporting the party in that Egyptian Square concerning the peaceful overthrow of Hosni Mubarek, Lara Logan, a CBS news correspondent was being publically raped by a frenzied mob right in the middle of it all.
What kind of a culture does this???? Gang raping a person for a half hour while screaming, "Jew, Jew!"
But the networks were enthralled by the peacefulness of the activity in the square.  Reporting how people picked up the trash and fixed the bricks and stuff.
I don't understand why the liberal press treads so lightly on the Muslim culture......   the way that women are oppressed and the West is vilified.  I've often felt that liberals have a deep seeded hatred for themselves and their own base emotions... which is why they lash out at others and project their own maliced feelings upon others.
Could it be that the Liberal press embraces a culture that is so blatantly opposed to our way of life  simply because it is akin to the hatred of us?
It's not right to generalize, and downright dangerous and wrong to characterize a whole group or religion.  But when stuff like this rape occurs, against the liberal spin, we should stand up, take notice, and express our outrage.
Didn't see any of that from Katie Couric or George Stephanopoulos.

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