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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Possessions and Memories

So we have substantially completed the move of our accumulated possessions from Beverly Ave. to the Sundance building.   There still are some stuff in the garage, and our deck furnishings remain covered with snow.
I filled the F150 to capacity with trash this morning, and Mike and Scuba Steve helped me to move the dining room table back, because our tenants wanted to use it, and from here on in, Joanne and I will be sorting out stuff and putting things away at our new Sundance home.
The amount of stuff that we have is mindboggling, and I'll be tossing stuff away agressively for the next couple of weeks.  
My problem with accumulating things is that when I look at a book, a file, or a piece of clothing... it stimulates a memory associated with the item.   And then, I'm afraid to part with it because I think that I won't be able to retrieve the memory without the stuff.   This has become an issue because I can't continue to haul around all of this baggage.
Plus I have trouble parting with electronic equipment that I paid so much for, and now is obsolete.   So I have a few useless, CPU's and laptops hanging around that I have to trash.
The bottom line is this.... I'm not placing a file in the file cabinets unless it has a present relevancy... otherwise it will be trashed.   I'm not putting any clothes in my closet or dresser that I haven't worn in the last year... otherwise, it will go to the Salvation Army bin in the Town Dump.   I'm not putting any book into a bookcase unless it has current relevance.... otherwise, it is going to the book bin that Joanne will soon have removed from the  Sundance building.
There is simply no sense in carrying around these possessions that have no place in the present or the future.  Just don't have the space.
So I'm heaving them and taking the chance that memories that they hold will still crop up from time to time.

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