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Monday, February 21, 2011

Outmoded Repression

This impulse to rebel and seek freedom from Middle Eastern dictatorships is starting to get inspiring.   I didn't see it coming, and figured that the medieval cultural tendencies were immovable.
But people crave freedom, and it's hard to subjucate and oppress people who have the ability to communicate and share their feelings and desires.    That's exactly what Facebook does today.   What used to be the clandestine cells and secret organizational meetings that fed revolutionary fervor is now accessible to the masses over the internet.
Repressive regimes need to control the flow of information and fabricate propaganda into the big lie.  Open communication thwarts this.
So Saudi Kings, and Libyan Dictators will be going through a tough patch for a while.  Time to fire up the personal aircraft and find a safe, reclusive retirement.
This upheaval is reminiscent of the fall and Communism and the crumbling of the Berlin Wall.  Something else that I didn't see coming.
The world will be a nicer place without these outmoded, repressive regimes.

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