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Monday, February 07, 2011

A Moving Experience

There is nothing fun about moving.  It always takes a lot more time and effort than you had imagined.  And it is physically and emotionally draining.
But we got by on Saturday with a little help from our friends.   Make that a lot of help.  Eight solid hours worth.
I appreciate anyone who lifted one thing for us that day, because that was one thing that my worn pudging form did not have to move.  As it is, I am quite stiff and uncomfortable two days later, but I least my back didn't give out.
I know that a whole lot of you were planning to come and some couldn't for a host of reasons, but the people who heard the call on Saturday were...

Alex Watts
Brian Stanton
Harvey Rowe
Mike Lec Elsier
Katelyn Nestor
Sue Sue Raiche
Gail Johnson
Dave Bruett
Maria Rowen
Tom Raiche
Dale Johnson
Tommy O' Shea
Mike Nestor
Linda O'Shea
Tyler Gill
Will Crawford
There were acts of heroism and bravery, plenty of thrills and almost no spills.  By 5:30PM we were licking our wounds at the Gerry 5, and I was basically too tired to lift a couple bottles of Sam.
Thanks for your help and we also appreciate the well wishes from those of you who could not attend the epic event.  Jeremy Johnson and his sister Amanda went the extra mile by sending a bottle of Lagavulin, the King of Scotch.   It was a nice gesture and worth their "Automatic" selections as Peeps of the Week.
By the way, the rest of you listed also have also achieved the coveted designation as POTW's for last week.  An unprecedented number but highly appropriate.

Joanne and I were very moved.

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