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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Change in Plans

As is often the case, I didn't get a single thing done that I planned yesterday.... yet I was really happy with what I accomplished.
Instead of fitting out the laundry, I ended up finishing all of the base trim on the kitchen center island, and converted the unused kitchen cabinet stock into a nice seven foot long shelf in the living area.   This prompted Joanne and I to hang some of the framed artwork and photos that have been stacked against the walls.
Then Jim and Kathy Peabody as well as Reigning 2011 POTY Tommy O and Linda came over for some gourmet macaroni and cheese that Joanne whipped up.   Jim brought a bottle of Glenlivit Single Malt, which is not quite the King of Scotch, Lagavulin, but still was a world class gesture from a guy who never has gotten the taste for the fine Scottish libation.
Tommy and Linda brought a nice salad, and along with some pork and other great stuff, we had a fine meal and watched the series finale of Spartacus.   Tommy has a talent for picking out exposed Roman breasts in the Arena Crowd in the panned camera shots, so we let him have his way with the remote for pauses and fast forwards.  Too bad we're stuck waiting until 2012 for the next edition of the epic series, but we'll be there when Spartacus resumes.
BTW, the shelf is supposed to be temporary, because it is on the wall that I originally planned to blow out with a slider for the planned deck, but it came out so good that I'm starting to think that the deck might be more appropriate coming off of the existing kitchen entrance.   It would certainly be less expensive and substantially less disruptive, because going through the wall always takes a lot more time than planned.

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