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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Lottery Plans

Megamillions lottery tonight is coming in at $355M with a cash option of $244M.
After taxes, you would be left with about $120M.
I don't care.  I only bought 2 tickets for a buck each so I won't be out too much if I lose.   The odds of winning are 176 million to one.
I know I shouldn't be too optimistic, but I'm feeling pretty lucky about this one.   And Lord knows... I could use the $120 Million.  Not that I would do anything particularly noble or altruistic with it.
Basically, I'd take $100 Million and invest it as conservatively as possible in equities designed to yield 2% per year.   This would generate a gross income of $2M per year.... so that I could pocket $1M after taxes year after year.   The remaining $20M would be the crazy money.
The first $10M would go to paying off debts and setting up family trusts.  The Last $10M is all mine baby.  After a long vacation and seeing a lot of the world that I've only read about, I'd use whatever is left to design and build my ocean side New England house and office/workshop, and resume being the Blogging Asshole that you've always known.... bitching about things and banging around with Nanepashemet Telecom.
Success or failure will not be that important anymore.... not that it ever was.

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