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Friday, January 28, 2011

Justifiable Lapse

This has been a decent lapse between Blog posts.  It's because on Tuesday, the new cabinets were delivered to Sundance, in between snowstorms.  The extra activity of snow removal is an unplanned contingency that has strained the daily progress.Plus I've had a nagging cold that has sapped my energy big time which has really been a hurdle.   In the middle of it all, Nanepashemet Telecom has been busy, and I had to spend the day today at the Dennis job on Cape Cod.
Course, it's none of your frigging business why I haven't posted recently, but I guess my exhausted physical condition has caused me to let my guard down. and be nice to you.
Anyway... the move date stays firm for a week from tomorrow, and I'm optimistic that all of the big stuff will be in place.  Joanne has done a great job painting, and we are getting some help from a bunch of close friends with a range of the remaining details. 
Ultimately, it will all get done, and life will slow down a little.  When that happens, experience shows that some other crazy bullshit that I don't even know exists now, will liven things up.


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