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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

POTY Frenzy

The anticipation of the Peep of the Year Selection is in high gear lately with all sorts of nominations and suggestions being proferred in a somewhat irritating fasion.
Peeps.... It's important to remember that a Peep of the Year cannot be dead, or be an animal. So that eliminates fully 50% of your pathetic suggestions.
And it goes without saying, that the POTY must have done something particularly annoying or inspiring in the past year.
Think of the past title holders....

Tommy McMahon 2007
Lauren Rathbone 2008
Michael Murph Murphy 2009
Jeremy Johnson 2010
It's obvious what categories they fell into.
So if you have a need to make a nomination, please keep it within the boundaries of the simple freaking rules. And rest assured that your suggestion has almost no chance of being chosen.

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