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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Multiple Lifetimes

We went to the Lynn Museum tonight where Lou Panakio was being inducted as a "Lynn Legacy".   It's a nice honor to be remembered as a contributor to life in a community, and Lou certainly deserves this recognition.
Lisa Rowe and Superpeep Maria Rowen were justly proud of Lou.
Harvey Rowe told a freaky story of  Lou's wife, Marcia, who is deceased.  Apparently, today Harvey randomly played a recording of one of her last messages on his tape recorder.... like she wished all to know that she was part of the proceedings.    Like I said... pretty freaky.... but nice.
I also had the chance to renew some acquaintances with old friends who I haven't seen for two decades.  People like Ed and Sue Calnan, Jansi Chandler, Sean Potter, Al DiVirgilio, Nick Mennino, and Ann Marie Leonard.   They all got quite a bit older looking, but it didn't take long to peal back the years and see them precisely as I remembered them.
Seeing these people, after twenty years or so seems like a time warp.... like all of the stuff that went on in the interim really never occurred.   But of course it did.
In each life, it seems that we lead a series of lives.... with separate occurrences and relationships in each.   And every now and then, you get the chance to step back and remember what it was like in a previous life.
That's what tonight felt like.

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